A Decorating Trend I’ve Always Been in Love With


If you watch HGTV like I do, you watch decorators adding greenery to compact apartments and creating expansive backyard living spaces.   When we travel to hotels, we marvel at grand foyers that have beautiful waterfalls and indoor landscaping.  We love to walk resort’s amazing grounds and admire the surroundings that typically offer little niches to sit and relax.  Resorts also provide luxury and pampering by the pool in providing comfortable chaise lounges, lush landscaping with tropical plants/flowers and perfectly placed sculptures and/or lighting fixtures.  So, if we know that natural elements make resorts and hotels seem so splendid, why wouldn’t we want to bring some natural elements into our homes?

I already hear some of my past clients, “I don’t have plants because I have killed IMG_0230every plant that has been brought into my home.”  Bringing natural elements isn’t just about adding plants to your house.  It also has to do with the walls and the furniture.  Rattan or wicker furniture has been around for a long time.  But, it’s also evolved into beautiful contemporary pieces and not the “typical” white wicker of years past.   As the photo shows, you can dress up or soften rattan or wicker furniture by selecting comfortable and decorative pillows and cushions. Buying furniture that you can use indoors and outdoors provides you with many options for use and will help to make you feel that you are “outdoors” even when you’re stuck inside on rainy days.


Wall décor can either be a picture of a plant, animal, seascape, landscape, etc.  Adding photos or artwork of the outdoors, immediately brings the outdoors in.  The same goes for wall décor that have “leafy” elements to it such as wrought iron scroll works or patterned plaques. And, of course, you can always place a plant in every room to bring the outdoors in.

wood walls

If you’re wanting to bring the outdoors into your home and don’t know how or where to begin, contact Tracey at Drab to Fab Designs in Warrenton, VA.  She has been helping clients with their interior decorating needs since 2005.

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