2016 – Year to Get Organized

Some make New Year’s resolutions and some figure “Why bother?”  However, if you spent too much time searching for scissors, tape, bags, ribbons and tags this holiday season, maybe it’s time to get organized.

I have helped a number of clients de-clutter their homes and implement better storage and organizational items and practices.  I have transformed basements filled with stuff that was accumulated throughout the years into a useful second family room with TV, and area for kids to play.  In addition, the stuff that was kept, was neatly organized.

In addition, offices have been transformed into family work/craft rooms like the one that is pictured.  If you have wall space, you have a lot more cost-effective storage space than you thought.  Peg board is a wonderful option for keeping stuff from cluttering desktops as well as easily accessible.

If organizing your home is a task that overwhelms you, you don’t know where to start, or just don’t want to do it, call Tracey of Drab to Fab Designs to get you on your way to a clutter free, organized 2016.

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