Adult Painting/Glass Fusion Series

Drab to Fab Designs Art Studio is coming up Sunflowers (Roses are sooo yesterday!). I want to gauge interest on a Sunflower Series.  The series would consist of 3 classes which would allow you to paint a 16 x 20 canvas of Sunflowers and make a Sunflower Nightlight. Whether you want to paint one sunflower,Continue reading “Adult Painting/Glass Fusion Series”

A Decorating Trend for 2016 that I’ve Always Been in Love With

  BRINGING THE OUTDOORS IN! If you watch HGTV like I do, you watch decorators adding greenery to compact apartments and creating expansive backyard living spaces.  When we travel to hotels, we marvel at grand foyers that have beautiful waterfalls and indoor landscaping.  We love to walk resort’s amazing grounds and admire the surroundings thatContinue reading “A Decorating Trend for 2016 that I’ve Always Been in Love With”

2016 – Year to Get Organized

Some make New Year’s resolutions and some figure “Why bother?”  However, if you spent too much time searching for scissors, tape, bags, ribbons and tags this holiday season, maybe it’s time to get organized. I have helped a number of clients de-clutter their homes and implement better storage and organizational items and practices.  I haveContinue reading “2016 – Year to Get Organized”