Tracey graduated from West Virginia University and began her career in Marketing. Having held positions ranging from Event Meeting Planner to Director of Marketing, she gained a broad range of knowledge of design, management of budgets up to $2 million, event planning, direct mail, and team management.

After 9/11 happened, she stepped away from the corporate world to begin a family. Wanting to continue to work while raising a family, she took her Art Degree and began painting murals in client’s homes. She provided many interior decorating services including painting, window treatments, murals and organization. Tracey also saw the need to offer private art classes to kids. When the economy took a severe downward turn with the housing burst, Tracey needed to change direction again. She went back to her marketing roots and began offering marketing services to small businesses.

In 2016, another slight change happened where Tracey accepted a teaching position at Kettle Run High School to share her love of marketing with students. The teaching schedule (daily hours being completed by 2:45, holidays and summer vacations) allowed her to keep a handful of clients. By continuing to help clients with marketing, she brings a lot of real world experiences and applications to her Marketing, Business Law and Entrepreneurship students.

With social media, and being a society of instant gratification, marketers have 2 seconds to grab public’s attention. Video has become a necessity for businesses to get their point across, as people don’t read. Whether you’re looking for website design, video creation or complete marketing management, Tracey will work with you to create a plan that’s simple and cost-effective in fitting into your budget and helping you reach your business goals.

Call Tracey at 540-272-5388 or email her at traceyedwards5388@gmail.com to schedule a consultation. You will quickly see that marketing services with Drab to Fab is simple and cost-effective. You pick and choose what you want – no long term contracts, no retainers, no minimums needed. Some need a little help, like with a corporate video and some need a lot, like full marketing plan design and management! Drab to Fab can help with both!