Back – But Never Really Left

You know that saying “They keep pulling me back in”?  That pretty much sums up me and Drab to Fab Designs & Art Studio.  If you didn’t realize – I had “stepped away” from Drab to Fab back in August 2013 to go back to into the marketing field which I had started back in 1994 (I’m really dating myself!)  During the past two years I have been juggling assisting other small businesses with their marketing (both traditional and online), while helping past clients with new projects and offering periodic art workshops.  Even though I said I was walking away from my own business, I never did.  Now, with my brother and I flipping Tax Lien & Tax Deed Properties, it makes it pretty clear that my focus is back to interior design and decorating.  Not to mention, I do love offering art classes within my studio.

Why am I telling you this?  Of course the best form of advertising is “Word-of-Mouth” from past clients.  So, if you, family or friends are thinking of a new interior project for 2016 – please keep me in mind.

I’m looking at the calendar and planning art classes and workshops for early 2016.   If any of the dates I provide don’t work into your schedule, feel free to contact me about scheduling a private session for you and your group of friends.  Art is always more fun with friends!

Cheers to a great 2015 and looking forward to a fantastic 2016 and being busy with paint, fabrics, floor plans and art projects.

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