Drab to Fab Designs has been helping people turn their spaces from Drab to Fab simply and cost-effectively since 2005.

Having an art degree from West Virginia University, Tracey has been able to help clients take the overwhelming process of interior design and interior decorating and making it fun and painless (as much as possible) process.  Tracey has redesigned and/or redecorated numerous rooms including; kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, offices and bathrooms, painted custom murals, made and installed custom window treatments and provided de-cluttering and organizational solutions.  Drab to Fab Designs has also assisted real estate agents in providing cost-effective solutions in making properties more appealing for quick sales.

Drab to Fab Art Studio opened 2008 and has been providing art classes including; drawing, painting, sculpture and glass fusion to children of all ages.  After having an art studio in Old Town Warrenton for 4 years, Tracey and her husband built an art studio on their property for ease and convenience.

This year, Tracey has partnered with her brother, B. Todd Hughes in buying tax foreclosed properties and flipping them.  Check out www.buyselltaxproperty.com, if you want to see the current properties we’re working on.  It’s already been a lot of fun and look forward to flipping many properties in 2016.

Whether you are needing interior design/decorating assistance or want to explore your creative side with an art class, I look forward to meeting and working with you!

Sincerely, Tracey


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